Encounters with God don’t have to be rare! If you are seriously ready to get rid of the emotional pain in your life, God is ready too. We’ll help you connect with the living Lord and feel peace wherever you feel negative emotions. Remember the four friends who carried the paralyzed man, and even dug through a roof, just to get him in front of Jesus? We’ll be your four friends. We know how to help you get into Christ’s presence where you’re going to be transformed. We see it every day here at Serenity Retreat. Come join us!

Abundant blessings,
Rev. Kathy Eason, Founder, Director of Prayer and Development


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Most people feel some level of depression, anxiety, anger or relationship troubles. Ministry sessions at Serenity Retreat address any or all of these with a powerful method of prayer. During a ministry session we help you look at your past painful experiences to expose the beliefs keeping you from feeling peace, then Jesus brings truth leaving you peaceful and calm. Sessions are safe and non-judgmental. Confidentiality is paramount.


We give glory to God for healing his people! In a survey of 75 people who came to Serenity Retreat for three or more sessions in 2012, 40% are no longer depressed who came for ministry for depression, 95% no longer have moderate to severe panic or fear, 100% have improved relationships where anger was a factor and 40% say their marriage improved, even if just one spouse came for ministry


At Serenity Retreat, we use Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM, formerly Theophostic) which is intentional, focused prayer leading to an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and a subsequently transformed life. We strive to serve with excellence and professionalism and are careful to stay within the Transformation™ Guidelines so that you have a transformational ministry experience.


Our prayer ministers are mature Christian adults from a variety of Christian backgrounds who answered God’s call to serve at Serenity Retreat. All have graduated from our rigorous one year training program and follow other ministry requirements established by Serenity Retreat.


Plan to schedule a series of three appointments, about an hour each, once a week. This gentle pace allows you to get to the source and work toward freedom over time.Sessions available in Spanish, if needed.


If you are ready to take time away from your routine and responsibilities, consider setting aside 24 hours for an Overnight Retreat.Sessions available in Spanish, if needed.